Product Roundup: Panel Apps, Cloud Notebook Sharing, SBOMs, and Vulnerability Metadata

The second quarter of 2023 brought several enhancements to Anaconda for enterprise teams, further empowering data scientists, machine learning engineers, developers, and IT administrators to work with Python, collaborate seamlessly, and ensure the security and compliance of their projects. Let’s explore how each of these capabilities enhances your experience with Anaconda.

Build Python Solutions

Anaconda helps you get started and build Python solutions faster. We provide access to thousands of open-source software packages, tools, and repositories you can peruse for your use cases. Here are our latest product updates to help you build faster with Python.

Panel Apps: Deploy data applications via Panel with two clicks.

Anaconda Notebooks allows you to deploy your data applications via Panel with just two clicks directly from your notebooks. You can use Panel to create dynamic and customizable dashboards, data visualizations, and interactive user interfaces, expanding the possibilities for your Python projects. You can easily share your notebook results and make them available to others.

Learn more about Anaconda Panel apps.

Cloud Notebook Sharing: Socialize your projects with badges.

This new capability will allow you to share your notebooks with your network on social media, forums, and blogs. It also provides you the ability to create and add badges to your GitHub repository or website to allow others to quickly launch your notebooks on Anaconda Cloud, regardless of where your notebooks are stored. Simply enter the URL of a Jupyter notebook hosted on GitHub or Anaconda Notebooks to create an “Open in Anaconda Notebooks” badge that can be attached into websites, blog posts, documentation, your GitHub repository, or social media posts.

Find out how to share your Anaconda Notebooks.

Data Catalogs: Organize and discover datasets for your projects.

Data catalogs streamline data sharing and enable efficient data exploration and analysis. You can find and access data easily, simplifying your workflow. Create and manage catalogs to organize and discover datasets within your projects—simply load data sets and start analyzing. The catalogs provide a description of the data and utilize the Intake open-source framework to simplify loading data with Python. Intake is a lightweight package for finding, investigating, loading and disseminating data.

Learn how to access and use data catalogs.

Next-Generation Navigator: Manage Python projects easier.

Anaconda’s Navigator, the graphical user interface (GUI) for managing packages and environments, has been revamped with a new interface and enhanced features. Next-generation Navigator is now available for testing in public beta. The updated GUI allows you to spend more time on your core tasks with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience that makes it easier to manage your Python projects.

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Secure Your Python Supply Chain

Anaconda gives you the power to stop vulnerabilities from the start and ensure governance and security compliance across your software supply chain. Here are our latest product updates to enhance security with Anaconda.

Software Bill of Materials: Get details about software components.

Anaconda now provides a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for Pro and Business Cloud users. SBOMs provide detailed information about the software components used in a project, helping you track and manage dependencies, improve security, and ensure compliance.

Installers in Pro and Business Cloud: Get started on projects faster.

Anaconda now offers installers pointed to the Professional Repository for Pro and Business Cloud users. This enhancement simplifies the installation process and ensures you have access to the latest versions of Anaconda’s source-built packages and libraries.

Anaconda’s new capabilities significantly improve your experience by empowering you to work more efficiently, and ensure the security and compliance of your projects. With these enhancements, Anaconda continues to solidify its position as the leading platform for Python users, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly environment for data scientists, machine learning engineers, developers, and IT administrators.

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