• Basic workspace for the student or practitioner
  • 5GB for cloud-hosted notebooks
  • Thousands of curated packages
  • On-demand training courses
  • Publish a single data app
  • Unlimited notebook sharing
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  • Better workspace for the academic or practitioner
  • 10GB for cloud-hosted notebooks
  • PyScript hosting & deployment
  • 4x more cloud compute seconds (4K)
  • Publish up to two data apps
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$25/mo INCLUDES:
  • Premium workspace for the power practitioner with security requirements
  • 20GB for cloud-hosted notebooks
  • Package signature verification
  • Professional repository
  • Publish up to four data apps
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Access advanced capabilities for both users and IT teams with our organization plans.

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$25 /mo

Packages and Environments

Anaconda Distribution
Basic Repository
Professional Repository
Package Signature Verification


Navigator GUI
Environment Backup
Cloud-Hosted Notebooks
Cloud-Hosted Workspace Storage
Cloud-Hosted Compute Seconds
On-Demand Training Courses Access
Data Catalogs
Panel App Deployments
AI Assistant (Cloud Notebooks)NEW
30 daily
AI Assistant (Local Notebooks)NEW
30 total

Support & Invoicing

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Online Payment


Cloud Hosted (Multi Tenant)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Simply create your free account. Anaconda Notebooks is a great feature to try first; it’s Anaconda’s cloud-hosted notebook service with a fully loaded, configured, and ready-to-code interactive development environment. It runs on any browser and any system.

Our Free plan gives you access to our cloud-hosted and locally distributed Python packages. The cloud distribution is preconfigured in Anaconda Notebooks, where you get 100MB of storage and access to high compute for your data science and machine learning projects. Not sure how to get started? Check out Anaconda’s free learning courses

Your security requirements and the profile of your Python projects are likely to provide the answer to this question. If you’re working in a highly regulated environment or your Python projects are powering your products or services, an organization plan is likely to be a better choice. Pro is our entry-level tier for organizations, and it provides access to a professional repository, package signature verification, cloud-hosted notebooks, learning resources, and a guaranteed uptime service-level agreement (SLA).

Cloud hosted refers to our multi-tenant cloud offerings, made available through Managed service refers to a single-tenant cloud offering, made available to individual customers. Managed service implementations can be a great way to get the benefits of on-premises (on-prem) solutions without the hassle of owning the infrastructure yourself.

Our on-prem plans have several implementations available: on premises, private cloud, air gapped, and managed service (single-tenant cloud).

Both plans enable governance and security compliance for your users. The primary difference is that our on-prem plan includes Anaconda Server, a dedicated artifact repository, which can be installed on your infrastructure/in your private cloud or made available through a managed service implementation. Alternatively, the Business cloud plan does not require any installation or implementation, since all packages and security capabilities are hosted in our multi-tenant cloud.

Anaconda’s Enterprise cloud plan includes our multi-tenant cloud offerings for security and packages, integrated with our data science platform as a managed service. This enables all the security and collaboration benefits of Anaconda’s platform, with none of the hassle of owned infrastructure or private-cloud instance management for your organization.

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