A New and Simple Way to Publish Your Data Applications

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking solution for publishing your data applications: Anaconda cloud notebooks with Panel app deployment. Panel, an open-source Python tool, now seamlessly integrates with Anaconda’s cloud notebook service, providing users an effortless way to share notebook results and make them readily accessible to others.

Please watch this video to see this new feature in action:

To try this exciting new feature, head to our Getting Started sample notebook. This notebook not only serves as a tutorial but also showcases the diverse capabilities of Anaconda and Panel. If you encounter any difficulties accessing the notebook through the above link, you can find it easily in the Launcher by navigating to File > New Launcher.

We are confident that this new functionality, combined with Panel’s versatility, will revolutionize the way you publish your data applications. Start utilizing this powerful tool today and unlock a world of possibilities for sharing and collaborating on your data-driven projects.

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