Managing Security and Compliance

Secure Your Software Supply Chain from the Start

Anaconda gives you secure, trusted packages for your Python and R developers.

Get source-built packages to keep malicious packages out of your pipeline, security controls to block risky software, and governance capabilities and support for enterprise teams.

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Over 90% of the Fortune 500 Trust Anaconda

In the Age of AI, the Security of Open-Source Packages is Critical



of code bases contain open-source software (OSS)



increase in cyber attacks on OSS repositories since 2019



of code bases contain high-risk packages



new vulnerabilities discovered every month




average cost to remediate a ransomware attack

Open-Source Software Carries Inherent Vulnerabilities

Threat actors target and exploit open-source software

OSS solutions host packages from many sources. You need a trusted source and expert curation of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).

Scanning is not enough—you need policy controls

Policy controls help teams develop using secure software from the start and before threats happen, rather than relying on CVE scanners to identify threats after the fact.

The burden of liability is shifting to software publishers

Government agencies like NIST deem software publishers and manufacturers responsible for security. Breaches lead to penalties and reputational damage.

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Secure your Open-source Software Supply Chain with Anaconda

One-Stop Shop for Trusted Packages

Anaconda can provide what no other provider can—our packages are built from source. They are tamper-free and privately-hosted.

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Expert-Curated CVEs

Make better security decisions with curated data on common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs). Set up policy filters to exclude risky packages.

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Policy Filters

Move from reactive to proactive with a layer of protection before coding begins: set up policy filters that use CVE data to exclude access to risky packages.

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User Access Controls

Control access to private packages and channels with Anaconda’s token system. Channels allows you to provide access to specific individuals and groups.

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Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Anaconda provides an inventory list of ingredients that comprise software components you use, to support security and supply chain risk management.

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Enterprise-Grade Support

From troubleshooting operation errors to building custom Conda packages, we are here for you. Get support from the Python experts, including a dedicated specialist.

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Anaconda Has a Plan for Every Organization


For practitioners building Python applications, with 10 GB for cloud-hosted notebooks, user access controls, and enhanced support.


For teams with advanced security requirements, including open-source software supply-chain security tools, curated vulnerability data, and audit logs.


For teams with collaboration and deployment needs, including one-click deployment and advanced collaboration, administrative, and governance tools.

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