Stop Vulnerabilities, Not Workflows

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Guard Your Python Open-Source Supply Chain Against Risks

average amount of time it takes security teams to identify and contain a breach



of data breaches are caused by human error, the most common threat vector



average cost of a data breach in the United States




Trust, Verify, and Secure Your Open-Source Supply Chain with Anaconda

Open-Source Software Community

Cloud and On Prem

Anaconda Packages and Environments


IT Admin





  • Visibility and governance
  • Supply chain security
  • Data protection
  • Maintenance


  • Package and user access management
  • One-click deployment
  • Enterprise support

Empower Users to Build and Deploy Secure Python Solutions, Faster

Anaconda’s integration, data security, and user-access tools accelerate business-value achievement.

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Security Teams Assume Multi-Faceted Risks

Visibility and Governance

Python users can access software from untrusted sources, without security team reviews or control.

Supply Chain Security

Malicious packages lurk in the software supply chain and mitigating them is mission-critical.

Data Protection

Every laptop represents a potential attack surface for a costly data breach.

Dependency Management

Careful integration of open-source software with other components and systems is critical.

Support and Maintenance

Open-source software requires continuous updates to ensure secure environments.

Full Visibility and Security for Python Packages

Control User Access

Leverage user management that allows you to govern access to data, packages, and models.

Isolated Environments

Curate required packages and dependencies that are compliant with regulatory frameworks.

Audit Trails

Track and manage the use of software packages to comply with licensing requirements.

Centralized Resource Management

One platform to manage open-source resources and guard against cost overruns.

Role-Based Access Controls

Authorize users who can install and run software packages and access critical data and software.

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