Anaconda Toolbox Brings AI Assistant, No-Code Development to Python in Excel

Timothy Hewitt

New Microsoft Excel add-in brings AI-powered Anaconda Assistant, curated data catalogs, and cloud features to Python in Excel users.

Today we’re announcing the release of Anaconda Toolbox, a new suite of tools built to enhance the experience and capabilities of Python in Excel. Toolbox will be accessible to current Python in Excel beta users through the Microsoft Marketplace.

After the successful launch of Python in Excel last month, the new features added by Anaconda Toolbox will enable you to use Python in Excel, even if you don’t know Python. Included in Toolbox is Anaconda Assistant, the recently released AI assistant designed specifically for Python users and data scientists, which can guide you in your first steps or supercharge your work, even if you have advanced experience.

Python in Excel beta users can sign up to experience Anaconda Toolbox today.

What’s in the Anaconda Toolbox for Python in Excel?

Anaconda Toolbox enables anyone, regardless of experience, to quickly generate code and visualizations while learning Python along the way. Because the code runs in Excel, you know how it will work when you share the file with others, even if they don’t have Toolbox. Here is what’s included in Toolbox:

Anaconda Assistant for Python in Excel

Know what you want to do, but don’t know how to do it in Python? Just ask Anaconda Assistant. When it gives you the code, just push it to the Excel grid, where you can edit and run it just like other Python code. If you start with one of our provided prompts, it will analyze your tables and recommend different ways of working with your data.

Did you move to another workbook? Your history follows you so you can use that code wherever you go.

Advanced Visualizations Made Easy

We’ve put a friendly interface on the Seaborn visualization library. With more libraries and templates coming soon, you’ll be able to create amazingly complex Python visualizations without knowing any Python. When you’re done, push the code to the grid where it runs with your other Python code.

Curated Open-Source Data Catalogs

We’re constantly evaluating and curating the most popular datasets for new Python learners and making them available to users. Some of our open-source datasets, like U.S. Census projections, have real-world applications when you’re looking at expanding your business, research, or project—and it’s right there for you.

Synchronized Data Management

If you work with data, you probably pull from a file or multiple files constantly. With private catalogs stored on, you always have them at your fingertips. When you update the table in another workbook, just refresh the import wherever you reference it and watch your data update to the latest version.

Easy as =PY()

With the new Anaconda Toolbox, Python in Excel is even more accessible, efficient, and useful for data professionals and Excel users. 

Python in Excel beta users can sign up to experience Anaconda Toolbox today.

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