Anaconda Assistant Brings Generative AI to Cloud Notebooks

Shane Kercheval

Anaconda is excited to announce the public release of Anaconda Assistant, an AI-powered Jupyter notebook extension designed to enhance the productivity of data scientists, developers, and researchers. Anaconda Assistant is now available to all users of Anaconda cloud notebooks.

Powered by the same large language model behind ChatGPT, the Assistant provides an intuitive chat interface to help you generate, explain, or debug code, learn new topics, and more.

Key features of Anaconda Assistant include:

  • Natural language conversations – Ask questions, clarify concepts, and get code recommendations through simple chats.
  • Seamless integration within notebooks – Copy and execute generated code within a notebook cell with the click of a button.
  • Code explanations – Select any part of your code and ask Anaconda Assistant to explain it, add comments, or suggest optimizations.
  • Debugging – Stuck on an error? Anaconda Assistant can help diagnose and fix common code issues.

Anaconda Assistant is designed to assist with various tasks across a wide range of domains. Here are some of the key benefits:

Analyze, visualize, and preprocess data more efficiently

Say goodbye to remembering specific functions and structures! Instead, simply describe how you want data plotted or changed and Anaconda Assistant will provide fast and easy results. When graphing data, you can specify the graphing library or not, depending on your preference. The Assistant will also provide titles and labels when prompted, so you don’t have to fuss over exact wording, saving you time. 

Generate and create graphs using natural language

Rather than spend time digging through documentation, Anaconda Assistant does it for you. We inject the column names and types into the language model, so the model is aware of the data it’s working with. This enables you to work with more natural language which in turn means the model will return more intuitive results.

Explain, comment, or refactor code

Get explanations for complex code and functions to better understand functionality and options. Data professionals and students alike can highlight code and choose from a number of options as well as get clear descriptions in the Assistant rather than needing external research. Users also have the ability to leave comments on code in order to communicate with other team members or learn from mistakes and refer to past projects. Refactoring code is another time-saving advantage of the Assistant, catching potential bugs and errors and allowing more intuitive problem solving and building.

Common Questions

What programming languages are supported?

Anaconda Assistant primarily supports Python, but we are planning to expand support to other languages in the future.


All cloud notebook users have access to the Assistant; we’re currently the only company offering this capability for free. The number of daily chat requests allowed depends on the pricing plan. Please see our pricing page for details.

How many responses are available per subscription-tier?

The Anaconda Assistant has daily usage limits (measured in “responses”) that vary based on subscription tier. A “response” refers to a reply from the Assistant in the chat interface.

  • Free tier: 30 responses per day.
    • 60 responses per day for the first week of usage.
  • Starter tier: 60 responses per day.
  • Pro tier: 120 responses per day.
    • The Pro tier uses a language model that has a larger context window.

These limits reset every 24 hours, starting from the user’s first request of the day. Any unused responses do not roll over to the next 24-hour period. The usage limits are subject to change. 

How do I provide feedback?

Use the buttons embedded within the Assistant to provide positive or negative feedback, or the form we’ll provide via email once you have been granted access to the program:


Anaconda Assistant is now available for free to serve data scientists at any skill level. Whether you’re new to Python and need help getting started, or an expert looking to work more efficiently, Anaconda Assistant makes you more productive.

We encourage all Anaconda cloud notebook users to try out Anaconda Assistant today and provide feedback. Together, we can shape the future of AI-assisted data science and development!

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