Anaconda Launches Conda Fundamentals Certification 

The first-ever conda certification program aims to help learners unlock the ability to package and distribute software. 

AUSTIN, TX – July 5, 2023 – Anaconda Inc., provider of the world’s most popular data science platform, today announced the launch of its conda Fundamentals certification program. In partnership with NumFOCUS, conda Fundamentals is the first-ever certification program offered by Anaconda and the only conda certification program currently on the market. 

By completing the conda Fundamentals certification, learners will understand how to employ conda’s power to effortlessly manage software; gain experience deploying, building, and debugging software; and confidently begin their journey in software engineering or data science. This certification is offered in partnership with NumFOCUS, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to NumFOCUS to support the conda open-source project.

The certification program furthers Anaconda’s presence within the education field. Over the past year, Anaconda has launched several initiatives to reinforce its commitment to supporting individuals throughout their data science journey with PyScript, Anaconda Learning, Anaconda Notebooks, and Data Science Expos. In May, the company also acquired EduBlocks, a free, web-based, drag-and-drop coding platform built to help K-12 students learn fundamental skills, expanding Anaconda’s core SaaS offerings for Python development. 

“As AI becomes more ingrained in our lives with the introduction of mainstream generative AI, the shortage of skilled talent in this area is creating uncertainty for both employees and employers,“ said Jessica Reeves, COO, Anaconda. “Creating accessible learning tools for students and professionals to upskill and reskill to meet current and future labor force demands is critical in preparing workers for the jobs of the future. The introduction of conda Fundamentals certification marks continued progress for Anaconda in our effort to create educational resources for all learners and increase data literacy for the next generation.” 

The conda Fundamentals certification program includes two free courses: conda Basics and conda Essentials. Learners will receive the conda Fundamentals certificate upon passing the end exam with a 70% or higher grade. By completing this program, individuals will gain an understanding of: 

  • What conda is and how conda environments, packages, and channels work
  • How to use the conda installation directory and environment directory
  • How to create, manage, and share conda environments
  • How conda recipes work and how to build them

This certification program is available globally. Content for the program has been created by Vini Salazar, a bioinformatician and developer, and reviewed by industry experts and members of the conda open-source community. 

To learn more about this program, visit the conda Fundamentals certification page here and follow Anaconda on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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