We’re not just a company; we’re a movement.

Anaconda sits at the center of the AI revolution. We provide data science tools, MLOps, and data & model management to empower our customers and community with AI capabilities to propel their projects forward.

Our History

Anaconda was founded in 2012 by Peter Wang and Travis Oliphant out of the need to bring Python into business data analytics. Since that time, the use of Python has exploded, becoming the most popular programming language used today. Anaconda now has over 300 full-time employees worldwide and is proud to serve over 40 million users!

Rooted in Open Source

We are—and always will be—committed to fostering open-source innovation. We champion this vibrant community and continue to steward OSS projects that power tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

Enterprise Ready

We create software to enable businesses to leverage open-source and AI with the right security, scale, and governance mechanisms in place.

The Foundation for AI

We underpin AI and data science solutions for industry leading companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle. Anaconda’s packages and software power Python in Excel, Snowpark for Python, and a variety of advanced data platforms.

Our Values

Great People

that embrace the highest levels of accountability, transparency, innovation and execution.

Great Products

that are easy to use, highly valuable, and that our users, customers and partners love & use every day.

Great Performance

that is best-in-class for AI and that delivers exponential growth and value.

Meet Our Leadership Team


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